Veneto wine production amazes once again

29 May 2017 Wine

“Continuing to grow aiming for quality, innovation, organization and marketing”

The Veneto wine-making sector is the national leader and among the key players in the global wine production.

Proof is in the numbers and performance, constantly growing over the last few years: vineyards exceeded 87,000 hectares in 2016, for a grape production of 13 million quintals, transformed into over 10 million hectolitres of wine, around 20% of the total Italian production. Almost all this wine bears a mark of quality – DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) – and it is exported for a value that for the first time in 2016 reached 2 billion Euros, 36% of the total in Italy.

In Veneto, some of the greatest “phenomena” of Italian enology were born: from Pinot Grigio to Amarone and Ripasso della Valpolicella, and last but not least, Prosecco.

This achievement is the result of the collaboration among different players in the supply chain: producers, transformers, protection Consortia, research bodies and the region, who have permitted bringing value to the vocation of Veneto territories.

The latest news in the sector concerns the “Delle Venezie” DOC denomination, a result reached thanks to the representatives and operators in three regions – Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the autonomous Province of Trento -, working in synergy to enhance a product that should assert and extend the position of the “Delle Venezie” DOC nationally and above all abroad.

From Il Corriere Vinicolo of 29/05/17