Bulk IGP wine: the quality of the territory

In Vinicola Vedovato Mario we are committed every day, to offer the highest quality of our bulk wines, for this reason, we work and export certified IGP and DOP wines.

As experts in the sale of bulk wine, we strongly believe that every product, must be first of all, be respected from the begining in order to express itself as its best. For this reason, our team is committed to the careful selection of quality bulk wines, for which we guarantee a manufacturing process capable of enhancing their uniqueness.

We can satisfy every market need, thanks to the possibility of offering a personalized wine, identifying the ideal quality at the most competitive price. Furthermore, we are specialized in the processing of B2B bulk wine, which we export to over 25 European and non-European countries.

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A definition of IGP wine

The DOP and IGP designations aim to protect the quality standards of food-farming products. They make it possible to pass down transparent information to consumers about the characteristics that give value added to the products. The enormous information assets ensures that the consumer complies with the production regulations.

IGP wines, in the same way as DOP wines, guarantee the quality of Made in Italy, ensuring greater safety for the benefit of consumers and producers. In fact, it is not surprising that Italy is the country in Europe with the highest number of denominations of origin and geographical indications.

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Discovering our bulk IGP wines

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests defines PGI wines, acronym for Protected Geographical Identification, as “the name of a specific geographical area which serves to designate a wine product, which possesses qualities, notoriety or other peculiarities attributable to this geographical area, where at least 85% of the grapes come from, and where production takes place”.

In order to obtain the PGI classification, it is necessary to observe a production disciplinary designed in its essential characteristics by European legislation for all bulk PGI wines.

Our PGI wine is proposed stable to proteins, micro filtered and, on request, cold stabilized and with residual sugar in compliance with the relative specifications.

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The difference between IGP, DOP and IGT wine

It is important to underline that the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) is different from the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).

While the DOP brand guarantees that the entire production process, from the first to the last phase, is carried out in a specific territory, the PGI denomination requires that at least one of the processing phases takes place in a specific geographical area.

The IGT denomination, acronym for Typical Geographical Indication, is not exclusive to wine products, but also includes gastronomic products. To try to standardize and simplify the system, proposing a single model, in 2010 the IGT brand was incorporated into the IGP, just as DOC and DOCG were incorporated into the PDO denomination.

To receive more information about our IGP bulk wines, contact us. Our team of experts will be able to provide you with complete and timely advice to create your personalized bulk wine.


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