Bulk wine transportation

For over 70 years Vedovato Mario winery has been a point of reference for the sale of bulk wine in the world. We export our bulk wine to 25 European and non-European countries by relying on a network of selected partners. Our experience allows us to guarantee speed and precision deliveries.

Through partnerships with the main transport companies, Vedovato Mario winery is able to plan the delivery of bulk wine with the most suitable means for each need to the main European and non-European countries.

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The Vedovato Mario winery, distributor of bulk wine, organizes daily transport with tankers, tank containers and flexi tanks, to reach its customers around the world from its headquarters in Trebaseleghe, a small town, in the province of Padua.


Sale of bulk wine: thermo regulated tankers

For the transport of bulk wine from our headquarters in Padua we use isothermal tankers with several compartments with various capacities, to satisfy both the quantitative and qualitative needs of the customer. This type of transport allows the bulk wine to be transported comfortably from our factories to the final destination, without compromising its quality.

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Bulk wine: flexi tanks and ISO Tanks

In order to satisfy our customers, Vedovato Mario winery is able to utilize a special method called intermodal transport of bulk wine via flexi tank. Flexi tanks are mono or multilayer bags housed in a standard ISO container, which allows them to reach international destinations.

The flexi tank is a safe instrument for transporting bulk wine that does not cause product loss, nor permanent damage to the container or the environment. It is practical and allows to facilitate the transport and loading and unloading operations. The flexi tank s allow the customer the ability to track their shipments around the clock, thanks to a specialized communication system, that is in place. What does this mean? At any given time the consumer has the opportunity to ensure and enjoy their bulk wine shipment, will arrive to their destination safe and sound. Despite the mode of transport whether it be by plane, ship, train or any other means, again the customer has full traceability.

In addition to flexi tanks, we at Vedovato Mario winery, guarantee the safe transport of bulk wine thanks to ISO tanks which are also used globally for food transport. This allows us to transport large volumes of bulk wine, while maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the product unaltered. ISO containers for bulk wine are built on the basis of ISO standards, made of steel and are surrounded by various types of thermal layers, consequently the temperature of the bulk wine remains stable during transportation, keeping the characteristics of the product unaltered.

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Bulk wine sale: why trust Vedovato Mario winery

As a high end distributor of bulk wine, Vedovato Mario winery has to its disposal an expert team in logistics that caters individually to each one of their customers. These tailor made orders allow to properly address each one of their client needs, concerns, likes, in order to give them an edge against their competitors.

The fact that Vedovato Mario winery has a team in place to ensure this happens, permits the consumer a unique experience that involves all five senses. Needless to say the experts continue quality control throughout the entire process.


To receive more information and plan the bulk wine transport method that best suits your needs, contact us. Our team of experts will be more than happy to provide you with complete and timely advice.


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