A close eye on quality

The pride and joy of our business is our state-of-the-art analysis laboratory, and thanks to our constantly tested and calibrated cutting-edge instruments and highly qualified personnel, we can conduct a large range of analyses, and thus ensure product quality. In this way, each batch of wine is monitored and guaranteed according to all the parameters set out and required by the EC.

Within our laboratory we perform analyses to determine alcohol level, volatile and total acidity, free and total SO2, net and total dry extract, pH, residual sugars, citric acid, colour intensity, heavy metals (iron, lead, copper, potassium, calcium), acids, polyphenols and toxins (Ochratoxin).

For the control of pesticides, we use the services of an external accredited laboratory which carries out spot checks. For the most part, the methods we use are official procedures or those defined by internationally recognised bodies.

Flexibility and value

Our team conducts a careful investigation to allow us to evaluate every aspect and characteristic of the selected bulk wines.

We carry out meticulous research to ensure we source the best suppliers of bulk wine, and carefully evaluate their quality.

We have formed long-lasting partnerships with these people, founded on respect and a mutual appreciation of professionalism – values that are the foundation of all our business activities.

The information gathered during our dedicated consultancy with you allows us to faithfully reproduce the recipes for the requested wines or to create new ones, ensuring they always fully meet your expectations.

Through this process, we create 3 bulk wine proposals which you can evaluate and taste to determine whether the blend created meets your requirements.

We provide a swift response to your every need: we can provide you with a tailor-made wine working on very short lead times.

We can respond to your needs and those of the market, and can provide you with quotes, samples and wine blends within 48 hours.


We produce and export large quantities of superior-quality bulk wines.
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Our Laboratory – our real pride and joy

Our team of experts studies, evaluates and analyses a multitude of samples, which are then classified once approved by our technical department.

The analyses carried out verify the elements that make up the selected wines, the blends we prepare, and finished products prior to delivery.

Our laboratory is rigorous and thorough, and we archive the analysis and test results of samples taken: from the moment they reach our headquarters right through to the last production process.

This means we can guarantee complete quality tracking, and a product history that’s compiled by our laboratory and available for inspection by you at any time.

We strive for excellence at every stage!

We accept no margin of error, and so we have all our instruments and technologies calibrated and tested annually – your assurance of detailed, precise analysis.



Bulk wines checked and certified by leading bodies in the food and wine sector.

Our BRC-8_GSFS certification is your guarantee of the safety, legality and quality of our bulk wine, as it demonstrates our compliance with the quality standards laid down by the governing body.

Our IFS-6 certification attests to the food safety and quality of processes used to produce our bulk wines.

Organic Certification certifies that our bulk wines are produced using organic farming methods, as authorised and monitored by the governing body Bios.


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From initial idea right through to completion, we search for the perfect recipe to create a bespoke wine perfectly tailored for you. We maintain close dialogue with you to ensure we create a finished product at the most competitive market price.
Microfiltration and organoleptic stabilisation processes are essential for correct ageing, and take place in our temperature-controlled storage facility which ensures optimal conservation.