DOP products: the quality of our territory

One of the values that has guided our work at Vinicola Vedovato Mario, for over 72 years, is the quality of the Italian products that we refine and subsequently export to over 25 Countries.

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Our country is recognized worldwide as an excellence in the agri-food sector and boasts the highest number of DOP branded products in Europe. According to the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, 578 products have currently been recognized with the PDO Denomination, of which 170 agri-food products and 408 wines.

DOP and IGP designations have the goal to protect the quality standards of agri-food products. They make it possible to transmit transparent information to consumers about the characteristics that give added value to the products. The enormous information assets guarantees the consumer, the compliance with the production regulations.


The DOP certified bulk wine of Vinicola Vedovato Mario

Our certified bulk wines allow you to immerse yourself in an all Italian wine journey thanks to the flavours and aromas typical of the territory of origin. The DOP products come from well-defined areas traditionally dedicated to the production of selected bulk wine, in compliance with the reference specifications.

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DOP, acronym for Protected Designation of Origin, is a European legal protected brand and can fit with the name of a region, a place or a country. As previously stated, this ensures that the characteristics of the bulk wine are ascribable to a particolar geographical environment.

Italian DOP products are required to comply with two essential conditions. First of all the production of raw materials and their transformation must take place within the region whose name the product bears. Furthermore, the quality or the characteristics of the product must be traceable to the place of origin.

In the context of dop wines, the traditional terms DOC e DOCG meet. Respectively “Classification of controlled origin” and “Classification of controlled and guatanteed origin”, are used in Italy for wine products with the DOP brand. In particolar, the DOCG acronym is riserve for wines that have already been recognized as DOC for at least 10 years, which are considered of particular value due to their intrinsic qualitative characteristics and commercial reputation.


Discovering doc wines

The DOC classification refers to areas traditionally suited to the production of quality wines which, before obtaining this recognition, have maintained the IGP classification for a minimum of five years.

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What are the main differences between DOP and DOC brands? First of all their origin. The DOC certification is typical of the Italian territory, while the DOP is linked to a European regulation. The second difference is related to the products that certify that the DOC is used exclusively in the wine sector, the DOP, instead, is attributed to all food products.


Our DOCG branded bulk wine

The DOCG denomination is reserved to the types of wines which have kept the DOP brand for at least 10 years and which are recognized as valuable in terms of sensory evaluation and organoleptic components.

The procedural guidelines to be observed to obtain the DOCG classification are more rigid and precisely establish the procedures and necessary controls throughout the bulk wine refinement cycle.

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DOC and DOCG wines require a further specification.

Classic wine indicates that the wine was produced in a sub-area of a dop or doc. The term “Stock” is atributed to PDO or DOCG products that have undergone a longer aging than required by the reference specification. Finally, the Superiore wine identifies dop or docg wines for which a yield per hectare is established of at least 10% lower than the provisions of procedural guidelines.


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