Wine journey to discover bulk Amarone

In the fascinating world of viticulture and enology, few labels evoke the same aura of quality and tradition as Amarone Valpolicella. Characterized by a deep red color, rich in garnet reflections, loose Amarone is intense and round on the nose. Tasting it you can recognize aromas of red and ripe fruit, spices and tobacco.

Vinicola Vedovato Mario, has an office in S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella. In this suggestive location, dedicated to the production of wines of great quality and prestige thanks to its predominantly hilly location, we have created a 1.200 m2 warehouse, with a storage capacity of 2.400.000 litres, intended for the pocessing of local wines, such as bulk Amarone and bulk Valpolicella..

In this article, undertake a wine journey to discover loose Amarone and its vital link with the Valpolicella area. We will delve deeper into the characteristics of loose Amarone, and then move on to discover its particular manufacturing process.

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Bulk Amarone: A tribute to quality

Bulk Amarone is much more than just a wine. It is a celebration of nature, a symphony of aromas and flavors that embodies the soul and traditions of the rich Valpolicella region, renowned throughout the world for its wine production.

The birth of bulk Amarone begins with the traditional harvest of the grapes. The bunches are selected and picked strictly by hand during the month of October. In Valpolicella this process takes place with the care and attention that only wine artisans can understand. It is an act of love for the land, an art passed down for generations.

The selected grapes are then arranged in large fruit racks for a period of between 100 and 120 days. During the winter the raisins are vinified through slow fermentation, which leads to obtaining a dry wine with a high alcohol content.

Once the raw wine arrives in our factory in S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella, the long refinement process begins.

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Our Amarone bulk wine: the art of refinement

During the processing, the characteristics of the loose Amarone are preserved and respected thanks to the know-how we have gained in over 70 years of commitment in the sector. This process goes through specific treatments aimed at eliminating unstable proteins, microfiltration and tartaric stabilization. In this way we favor an increase in the sensations of roundness, body and fatness of the bulk wine, improving the development of the product’s aromas.

We use cutting-edge technologies to offer an excellent quality product. For this reason, the entire process is completely traced, so as to allow the customer to be aware of the path taken by the wine. It is possible to verify each activity carried out in complete transparency, from arrival at the premises to delivery.

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The time needed to refine Amarone bulk wine depends on several factors. We are committed to respecting the product and its organoleptic characteristics so that the process takes place according to the times foreseen by the product and not by market needs.

We guarantee controlled conservation to obtain the best result in each processing phase. This is why our bulk wines are subjected to constant analytical checks. Each batch of wine is monitored and guaranteed according to the parameters established by current legislation.

This attention makes our bulk Amarone wine a product of great value.

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