Discovering the “Rossissimo” bulk wine

In Vinicola Vedovato Mario we have been improving and exporting quality bulk wine for over 70 years. Varietal (made from one type of grape) and generic wines, DOP, IGP, DOCG certified wines, organic wines, alcohol free wines and rossissimo wines. These are the varieties of bulk wine from which we create a product capable of responding to the needs of our customer.

Great passion and fine experience have made our company a national and international point of reference at national and international level in the marketing and refinement of bulk wines aimed at the B2B market. As bulk wine experts, we guarantee a personalized and complete service, capable of responding to the needs of our customers.

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In this article we will get to know our rossissimo wine, obtained from a special winemaking process. First of all we will examine the characteristics of rossissimo wines, and then move on to discover the manufacturing process of our rossissimo bulk wine.


The characteristics of rossissimo bulk wine

Through a very singular process of wine making of the “Ancellotta” grape, our rossissimo wine is born, traditionally used to increase the coloring intensity of a wine, which due to vintages or intrinsic characteristics of the vine, is pale, soft in color. Specifically, the “Ancellotta” grape is characterized by a high content of anthocyanins, that is, those molecules responsible for the red color, and by a high concentration of polyphenolic compounds.

The rossissimo wines are distinguished, as the name itself suggests, thanks to the singular coloring intensity, which can reach up to 40 points of color, and the relative red-purple nuances. The types of very red wines differ according to the coloring intensity, from 25 to 45 IC, in the different alcoholic strengths.

The selection of oenological yeasts, the use of micro-oxygenation and valuable tannins lead to the production and distribution of rossissimo bulk wines that are extremely stable over time, both in terms of intensity and coloring. As anticipated, in fact, very red wine is often used for the refinement and correction of wines lacking in body, structure and color, thanks to the ability to harmoniously complete the bouquet of perfumes, without distorting the original product.

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Sale of rossissimo bulk wine

How does the manufacturing process of rossissimo bulk wines take place in Vinicola Vedovato Mario?

Consulting with the customer is the first phase of the very red wine making process, essential for understanding the real needs of the customer. The information collected allows us to create a product in line with expectations, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Subsequently we proceed with a great activity of research and selection of the rossissimo bulk wine to be processed. Once the research has been completed, the three best proposals on the market are identified, which will then be submitted to the customer to understand if the blend conceived corresponds to the requests. Once the best proposal has been chosen, the product undergoes a series of refinement activities necessary for the development of our rossissimo bulk wine.

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The pride and joy of the entire process is the modern analysis laboratory. The highly qualified staff uses state-of-the-art equipment, periodically calibrated and tested, to perform a large number of analyses, to guarantee product quality. In this way, before proceeding with the export of the very red bulk wine produced, we make sure that the parameters imposed by the EC are respected.

Do you want to make your own rossissimo bulk wine? Contact us! Our team of experts will be able to provide you with complete and timely advice to create quality rossissimo bulk wines.


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