The processing phases for bulk wines

The organoleptic qualities of the wine depend on a number of factors, including the soil the vines grow in, the quality of the different grape varieties, the vinification process, and last but not least, the full suite of oenological practices carried out on the wine before it is packaged.

These practices include centrifuging, clarification, racking, microfiltration, tartaric stabilization and the addition of sulphites, and are carried out in our storage units which have been designed specially to ensure the wine is correctly conserved.

Processing of bulk wines precedes bottling and represents a key phase necessary to ensure the correct maturation of the new vintage wine: it serves to create the product’s character and enables specific organoleptic qualities to be developed by harmonizing its components.


What are the processing phases for bulk wine?

In the oenological industry the processing of bulk wine involves the sum of the biological, physical, and physical-chemical phenomena conducted whilst the wine is being conserved in special tanks.

How are these processes carried out? Before exporting the wine, it needs to be given time to develop its aromatic qualities. The processes we carry out in Vinicola Vedovato Maria improve the clarity, stability and taste qualities of the product.

At Vinicola Vedovato Maria, we carry out processing in silos manufactured exclusively from steel, at a controlled temperature, to ensure complete and optimal conservation. Our storage warehouse covers an area of over 25,000 sq m, with a total of 250 tanks, providing a total storage capacity of 240,000 hl.


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During processing, we uphold and fully respect the characteristics of the bulk wine by drawing on our extensive know-how, developed over our 70 years in business. The process involves specific treatments whose aim is the elimination of unstable proteins, microfiltration, and tartaric stabilization. By doing this we succeed in enhancing the sensory qualities of texture, body and richness our bulk wines possess, as well as enhancing the development of the wine’s aromas.

We achieve this by using cutting-edge technology – your assurance of the highest-quality product. We conduct full tracking of all processes, so you can know the exact details of the journey your wine has undertaken. Complete transparency means you can verify every single activity we carry out, from first arrival at our headquarters right through to final delivery.

The time necessary for processing bulk wine depends on the type of product. We are committed to respecting the organoleptic qualities of the product, ensuring processing is conducted in full respect for the time the product requires – and not bowing to market constraints.

We guarantee controlled conservation to we achieve the best result for each processing phase. In order to ensure this, we carry our constant analytical monitoring on our bulk wines. Every wine lot is monitored and guaranteed compliant with all the parameters specified by current legislation. Our commitment is your assurance of prestigious wines of the highest quality.


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