The company’s pride is a modern analysis laboratory, which, thanks to the use of cutting-edge instruments that are constantly calibrated and tested, as well as highly qualified personnel, permits carrying out a large number of analyses to guarantee product quality. Therefore, each lot of wine is monitored and guaranteed according to all the parameters set forth by the EC.

Our laboratory carries out analyses that permit determining the content, volatile and total acidity, free and total SO2, net and total extract, pH, residual sugars, citric acid, colour intensity, heavy metals (iron, lead, copper, potassium and calcium), acids, polyphenols and toxins (Ochratoxin). With regard to controlling pesticides, we outsource to an accredited laboratory that carries out sampling controls. The methods used are mainly official or from internationally recognized bodies.

Vinicola Vedovato continuously invests in new technologies in order to have the least invasive tools that can guarantee the best results. The thermoregulation in the majority of the wine containers guarantees excellent conservation.

Since 2014, we have been BRC and IFS certified, two fundamental international standards that certify the quality in the supply chain for large-scale distribution products.